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This area will be updated on an ad hoc basis. The aim is to create a central information hub that allows members of the ayondo community, sporadic visitors or interested parties who have not yet had any contact with the social trading community platform to get a quick overview of the latest developments and enhancements to the information offered and the range of functions of the web app.

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Quarter Update content further info
Q2/2024 (Jun'24) Expansion of information offering Interactive scheduler (webinars, seminars, events) - New partner in the area of information events Link
Q2/2024 (Juni'24) X-Billboard - Expansion of information offerin GlobeNewsWire (Basic Version) Link
Q2/2024 (May'24) Milestone-XXL Release Short Selling Statistics International (US Exchanges, TSE, ASX...) Link
Q2/2024 (May'24) New Tool X-Billboard Link
Q2/2024 (May'24) Upgrade AI-Integrations GPT 4o - all AI first Lab modules/tools (15) Link
Q2/2024 (Apr.'24) Extension Integration Research & Analyses Addon/Feature Short Sale Volume (XNAS; XNYS XASE) Link
Q1/2024 (Mar.'24) Milestone-XXL Release Advanced Index-Tool Dashboard ("AIT") Link
Q1/2024 (Mar.'24) Short Selling Radar - First-Timer New views for those interested in short sale statistics Link
Q1/2024 (Mar.'24) Integration mwb Research New Info feed corporate research Link
Q1/2024 (Feb.'24) Pinescript AI-Wizard Expansion of AI integrations - Interesting for all users of the TradingView platform Link
Q1/2024 (Feb.'24) Market research Investment Trends Survey · Deadline: 4. February link
Q1/2024 (Jan.'24) S&P 500 Historical data, All-Time-Highs & more link
Q1/2024 (Jan.'24) Trading Platform New tradable products, incl. bitcoin ETFs (1/2024) Link
Q1/2024 (Jan.'24) Happy NewYear-Release
  • Social Share a/k/a "Featured" (Link)
  • DAX - All-Time-High Statistics (Link)
  • Weighted Alpha *advanced* (Link)

For those who trade CFDs and FX, we have created an area that offers a variety of new research options, functions and filters. Some of the features are unique. If we were able to arouse your curiosity, please take a look (link).

Extensive updates have been made to the Visual Sitemap and the FAQ section.

We welcome TransparentShare as a new partner. Welcome to the ayondo network!

A note on our own behalf: The 2024 survey by the renowned market research institute Investment Trends will start on January 15, 2024. We would be delighted if you would support our cooperation partner in the survey. You will find all the information you need on this introductory page. You can access the survey directly via the following link.

Welcome 2024 & Happy New Year - New Year's greetings
We would like to wish all members of the trader community, our regular visitors, our partner companies and everyone who has supported ayondo in a unique way a Happy New Year!

Q4/2023 (Dez.'23, EoY) Milestone-XXL Release
  • DAX - Year to Date Statistics(Link)
  • DAX - Phun (Link)
  • Research & Analysis | Popular Searches (Link)
  • Research & Analysis | AI Scanner (Link)
  • Research & Analysis | IPOs (Link)
  • Research & Analysis | The NYSE A-Z (Link)
  • Dashboars| Weighted Alpha (Link)
  • Dashboars| Short Selling (Link)
  • Dashboars| AI Composite (Link)
  • ISIN Database | Factsheets (Link)

We would like to thank the community for the overwhelming feedback and the many valuable suggestions for improvement. With this XXL release, we would like to thank you for your loyalty and wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Update to OpenAI GPT4-Turbo AI-LLM Integration(11/2023) link
New tradable Products Trading Platform (11/2023) link
Milestone-Release Several Tool-Upgrades, Enhancements, UX-Improvements, AI-Integrations
u.a. Technical Analysis, - *advanced, Newswire, Shortselling, Product Suggestions ....
New addition to the growing Tool-Family Time Series DAX Performance Index link
New: Suggest a feature Suggestions for improvement submission form
Note: The call is made via the link "Suggest a feaure", which is located above the footer, to the right of "Report a bug".
Tool-Upgrade Technical Analysis (Basic & Advanced) v.1.5 link
New: Tool family extension Technical Analysis (Basic & Advanced) v.1.0 link
New Feature Volatitility Stats (08/2023) link
New tradable Products Trading Platform (08/2023) link
Release 1.6 Tools Section - New additions link
Release 1.5 New: Significant Enhancement regarding Registration types link
Public Beta Milestone release - major enhancements to the platform. link
Investment Trends Client Survey 2023 Cooperation between ayondo and the renowned Australian market research institute Investment Trends
We would like to thank all participants who have supported our partners and us so excellently again this year
Partnership ayondo ActivTrades ayondo and ActivTrades enter into cooperation - ActivTrades becomes exclusive partner of the ayondo community link
Stealth Soft-Launch ayondo.com stealth beta online link