Weighted Alpha

The Weighted Alpha Stars (WαS) dashboard shows selected listed companies that have performed exceptionally well compared to the market as a whole in terms of weighted alpha - i.e. the measure of a share's change within a year. Feel free to use the slider function to browse through the catalog of weighted alpha's.

The added value for interested parties:

Discover new investment ideas every day
Identify top performers
Carry out analyses & research

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Dashboard Weighted Alpha

Quickly and easily find the top performers who have shown above-average price gains in recent weeks and months.
Dashboard AI Composite

Information on weighted alpha and the underlying concept can be found in the Knowledge Hub.


Please note that no substantial and reliable forecasts can be derived from historical price trends that predict possible future developments. Graphically displayed time series contain all known information that had an influence on past performance, which is visualized by the price trend. Depending on whether long (rising prices) or short (falling prices) strategies are the motivation behind any investment decisions, an in-depth analysis of the company is recommended.

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