Metatrader 4

Metatrader 4 (MT4) is a leading trading platform used by millions of traders and investors worldwide. It impresses with its user-friendly interface and allows trading foreign exchange, CFDs and futures. With MT4, users can trade strategically around the clock thanks to the automated trading systems, Expert Advisors (EAs). The platform offers numerous analysis tools and indicators for technical analysis. The application is especially popular among day traders and trading systems developers. Powerful backtesting tools support system developers in a wide variety of validation processes. The high customizability and scalability make MT4 the preferred trading software for beginners and professionals.

Robust trading software with extensive customization options
Technical analysis in a class of its own, programmable indicators, oscillators, sentiment analysis
Parallel and contrarian trading strategies in different timeframes through simultaneous long & short positions ("hedging")
Real-time trading of the most liquid underlyings, with variable margin, as fractionals

Metatrader 4 - Industry Standard & Swiss Army Knife

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MetaTrader 4 trading software (MT4) is one of the most popular and powerful trading platforms in the world, appreciated by both beginners and experienced traders. With its extensive feature set, it gives you access to the global financial markets and provides you with all the tools you need for successful trading. Discover the advantages and unique selling points that set MetaTrader 4 apart from conventional solutions.


Flexibility and adaptability: MT4 can be used for both Forex and CFD trading and supports a wide range of financial instruments. The platform can be customized to your needs and offers an intuitive user interface.

Advanced charting features: Use numerous charting displays, technical indicators and drawing tools to accurately analyze market trends and make informed trading decisions.

Automated Trading: With the integrated MQL4 programming language, you can develop Expert Advisors (EAs) or choose from a variety of existing EAs. These allow you to automate trading based on your individual strategies and risk profiles.

Real-time quotes and fast order execution: Get access to real-time quotes and benefit from fast order execution to make the most of opportunities in the market.

Security and stability: MT4 offers state-of-the-art security standards to protect your data and transactions. The platform is known for its stability and reliability, making it the preferred choice of many traders.


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Advantages and unique selling points

Large community and resources: The high popularity of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform has led to a large community of developers, traders and experts. Benefit from an extensive pool of knowledge, experience and resources to help you maximize your trading success.

Cost-Effectiveness: MetaTrader 4 is free for you to use, so there is no additional cost to access the trading platform. This makes MT4 an extremely cost-efficient solution for your trading.

Customizability: The ability to customize MetaTrader 4 to your individual needs makes the platform one of the most flexible trading solutions on the market. You can customize the look, features, and trading tools to exactly what you need for your trading style.

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Extensibility: The MetaTrader 4 platform can be extended with numerous add-on modules, such as custom indicators, trading signals or scripts. This allows you to continuously optimize your trading strategy and adapt it to changing market conditions.

Multiplatform support: MetaTrader 4 is available on various devices and operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. Thus, you can seamlessly access your trading platform no matter what device you are on.

Demo Accounts: The ability to create demo accounts allows you to test your trading strategies risk-free and get to know the platform before trading with real money. This is a valuable feature especially for beginners to gain experience and build confidence.

MetaTrader 4 is a powerful and adaptable trading platform that stands out for its extensive feature set, high popularity and numerous advantages over traditional solutions. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, MT4 will help you achieve your trading goals and compete in the dynamic world of financial markets. Try MetaTrader 4 today and see for yourself why it is the preferred trading platform of traders worldwide. Before investing your own capital, we recommend that beginners get to know the products, the platform's scope of services and the behavior under conditions close to the market via the demo versions provided free of charge. Here you can find out without time pressure and financial risks, whether the real-time trading of leveraged products corresponds to your risk appetite and investment goals.

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