White Label as a Service

Our aim has always been to provide investors and traders interested in stock market topics with helpful tools that enable them to make good and well-considered investment decisions. The toolkit we have developed now comprises several dozen components that are unique in their kind and are enjoying growing popularity. In order to make the possibilities available to an even wider range of interested parties, we have developed an architecture that enables almost the entire catalog to be made available to third parties for integration into their own web projects in a modular and building-block fashion. The advantages of the SAAS solution provided by us speak for themselves:
Useful & innovative tools for stock market enthusiasts
No development and maintenance costs
Automatic upgrades, always the latest version
Highly customizable, adaptable to your own corporate identity, target group-specific tool development and marketing possible
From plug & play to enterprise solutions, cost-effective, quick to refinance, if required including advice on regulatory issues or arranging a liability umbrella
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SAAS solutions for website operators, financial intermediaries, online publishers, institutional clients

Innovation as a Service

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Innovative solutions for operators of financial websites, blogs/vlogs, start-ups, information portals
The references speak for themselves (small excerpt...)
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Enhance your website by integrating our solutions into your online presentation. As a white or grey label or as a solution tailored to your or your target group(s). In the tools section, we have listed only some of the applications that we are convinced offer the greatest added value to visitors to our portal. We also develop fully-fledged retail solutions that can be integrated into your system landscape as a UI. The spectrum of our solutions ranges from a simple "Trade Republic" clicker app to applications that can demonstrate their performance in real time and in the millisecond range directly on an exchange or with a CFD/FX provider. We have been consistently focusing on the integration of artificial intelligence since the end of 2022. The add-ons can be found in almost all new developments. We are already a leader in the field of MQL and PineScript programming wizards.
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