Cutting edge ecosystem

Top-class marketplace technology. Real-time information processing - from quote data to simultaneous execution of signals via connected interfaces.
State-of-the-art system architecture, conditioned for performance, modular, multi-client capable
Open architecture, compatible with all execution systems (trading-venues)
Ultra-short signal runtimes, minimum latency times
Data centres and cloud in the EU, scalable, highly available, redundant, fail-safe, MiFID and MiFIR compliant
Various awards, pure FinTech
Interested in our ayondo's technology solutions
Coming 2023: 4th generation social trading technology (Project: a²; alpha square)

Digital resilience grows with its challenges

The flagship of ayondo® technology is the Social Trading Marketplace, a proprietary ecosystem developed over many years that has proven its performance and scalability. The innovative solutions are based on a proprietary technology stack that covers all areas of a FinTech characteristic environment. From onboarding systems, interface management, open finance, white or grey label solutions to deep tech and artificial intelligence. ayondo develops its own solutions, provides interfaces and develops customized products on behalf of third parties.

Robust IT architectures under authentic market conditions
Evolution or revolution
It is in the nature of innovation-driven business models to recognize trends and developments at an early stage in order to put them at the service of users. When it comes to gamechanger technologies, it is in the DNA to approach them openly and constructively, to recognize opportunities and, if possible, to integrate them into existing solutions. On the information platform, ayondo makes various AI integrations available for use. These are experimental applications that have emerged from the ayondo Lab.
AI-Algo-Feed from the Open Algo Activity Book

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MT4/MT5/Expert Advisor/MQL
... more to come

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