ayondo® is a registered trademark and is part of the brand, IP and technology portfolio of RSQ Technology Ventures GmbH ("RSQ").
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ayondo® - Innovation made in Germany.

Anyone who consults publicly available sources such as Google Books or Google Scholar will get a vague impression of the fingerprint that the ayondo brand has left in the financial community. The business model associated with ayondo is unique, not least because it is based on a unique and proprietarily developed marketplace technology, whose functional scope and performance

ayondo® - Social Trading Network · Social Trading Technology

ayondo is an internationally established brand whose core has been innovation and disruptive technologies in the FinTech sector for more than a decade. Within the widely ramified ecosystem of social networks, ayondo sees itself as a community builder that enables interested parties to inform themselves specifically on various everyday topics on online platforms, to exchange knowledge and to support each other. ayondo is used in particular by people with a connection to financial topics. The social trading business model associated with the ayondo brand has received numerous national and international awards and has been able to attract more than 250,00 registered users from over 100 countries to its range of services over the years. This makes ayondo one of the pioneers of the sharing economy, which focuses on the joint use of resources.

RSQ Technology Ventures GmbH

RSQ Technology Ventures GmbH ("RSQ") is a German-based, internationally active investment and project development company whose strategic focus is the identification and development of disruptive technologies. Since 2019, the company has been active in M&A, acquiring and managing trademark and licensing rights. For example, the registered trademark ayondo is part of RSQ's trademark and IP rights portfolio. In addition, RSQ designs new business models or further develops existing activities. RSQ acts as a company builder, restructures or reorganises ailing companies and advises in various areas with regard to strategic orientation or the development and expansion of organisational structures - especially in regulatory matters of start-ups. RSQ is led by experienced managers. The close circle of advisors includes industry experts from the banking, IT, cyber security, legal and communications sectors.

CEO of the company is Fabian John, with 30 years of operational experience in the banking and finance sector, he is one of the leading experts in his field. As early as 20 years ago, he was involved in establishing new possibilities, e.g. after 9/11, to enable investors to hedge their equity portfolios against price losses. Fabian John was instrumental in setting up the first B2B CFD&FX broker regulated in Germany. In the course of FinTech regulation, he played a leading role in the regulatory process of the first BaFin digital asset manager, which he later managed operationally. He is considered the father of the mini and micro contracts associated today under the name "fractionals". It is due to his commitment that the association of CFD providers based in Germany was revitalised. He conceptually developed the internationally renowned CFD study and implemented it with Prof. Dr. Jens Kleine. Fabian John has always remained true to the CFD&FX industry. He is one of the pioneers of the industry and has been active in this sector for the longest time.

The history of social networks and communities is being transformed and rewritten, driven by innovation and users. Financial issues, technologies and regulation are growing ever closer together. RSQ, with its broad expertise and experienced management, will make a significant contribution to this and looks forward to a joint development with and for its users.