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Registered members of the community can reach us via our Whatsapp Business or Telegram Channel if needed. To do so, simply scan the QR.

Before using the Messenger services, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the Privacy Notice.

Interested parties - General inquiries

On this overview page we have compiled important contact addresses for you.
General inquiries / Interested parties / No member status

If you are not a member of the social trading community and have a request for information, we recommend first visiting the FAQ section beforehand. In this section you will find the right answer to almost any topic. If your request cannot be clarified via this, please use the contact address listed below.

Please note that member inquiries will be answered in a prioritized manner.

request to Nuzer status Contact email Contact website Phone
General requests Not registered Form -

We ask for your understanding that we will only respond to concerns that have a connection to the information and service offered by ayondo. If you have to wait longer than expected with regard to a submitted request, this results from the probability that your request could not be assigned to any department.

Unsolicited submitted advertising and similar activities are noted. You should not expect a response unless addressed through the channels established for this purpose.

Registered members of the social trading community

The following contact options are available to registered members of the Social Trading Community. Your request will usually be answered within 24 hours, or the next business day in the case of a weekend.

requirement Subject Contact email Contact website Phone
Member/reg. User Customer Service Form 0800 9999 94 150
Complaints Compliance - 0800 9999 94 151
Data Protection Privacy Officer - 0800 9999 94 152
B2B/Cooperations Business Development Form -
Marketing/Sales Distribution Form -
Press/journalists Public relations Form -
IR Investor Relations - -

ayondo users who would like to submit suggestions for improvements can do so using the following online form. For traders who would like to request products to trade, they can address the here.