Roadmap · Milestones
  • Q1/2023 | Public Stealth Beta
  • Q2/2023 | Public Beta - Softlaunch
  • Q3/2023 | Prime Coaching
  • Q4/2023 | Trade Forumscics Dashboard
  • Q4/2023 | a² (alpha square) *lite*
  • Q1/2024 | a² (WeTrade 4.0)
  • Q3/2024 | a² coin

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Stefan R. Munz was quoted as saying "Innovation is no guarantee against failure, but without innovation, failure is guaranteed" - there is little better way to describe the current status and dilemma of the era of building technological castles in the air. Ultimately, it remains to be attested that some business models were on the market too early and, thanks to the grace of late birth, have simply been left behind by clever youngsters staged in a new and hipper way. Part of this truth is that some unicorns have already been spotted in sanctuaries.

Innovative ideas can only develop into sustainable, resilient and real-disruptive processes if they are not sacrificed to quick success, marketing-speak, investor KPIs or a fast exit. Unfortunately, this still happens too often and leads to actually great ideas being instrumentalised for purposes that leave little room to breathe. Sometimes, however, there are comebacks that very few had on the clock. One of today's most valuable companies, Apple Inc. - perhaps familiar to some - was on the verge of bankruptcy in 1997. Sometimes history repeats itself and sometimes it takes a little fortune on top....

In the 'Specials' section, we will present topics from time to time that might be of interest to you as a regular returning visitor. It may also be exciting for the reason that we are the first to give the ayondo fan community an opportunity to participate in the future development of the business model. In case you haven't seen it elsewhere: We are providing a form for you to submit your ideas and suggestions. It is a matter close to our hearts to carefully examine every request addressed to us for feasibility. Everyone can participate in this unique innovation process and make a valuable contribution to the development of the community darüber einen wertvollen Beitrag zur Entwicklung des Community-Netzwerkes beitragen.