The problem

When the US tech giants and gatekeepers rave to investors about 'user-driven content', it's usually about how easy it is for social network operators to have people all over the world provide content of any kind, whether it's editorial content, graphic material or artistic aspects, as a matter of course and often without further appreciation. The users of these platforms not only generate content, but above all keep the raison d'être going.

ayondo follows a different philosophy...

A possible solution

We would like to invite and motivate our community to develop or further develop products and services together with us, primarily in the sense of the user - i.e. you. Really good products have to offer added value and no one can 'invent' that from the outside. If you want to create something sustainable, you have to listen to those who have great ideas - users, consumers, investors, traders.

We want to motivate you to share your ideas and wishes with us, no matter what area of personal financial planning is involved. ayondo primarily offers solutions for active investors who take their fate into their own hands. Others, on the other hand, like to look over the experts' shoulders, inform themselves, learn, be inspired, and some go one or two steps further.

Even if ayondo - also for historical reasons - serves a niche, that is not necessarily what ayondo will be in the future. You could help determine this by sharing your concept ideas with us. If your arguments are convincing, we are pretty sure that ayondo will create user-generated value, with you and for you.

Please give it a go and give it a try. Use the form below to address your wishes directly to the head of our innovation departments. It may be worth your while! Suppose a feature is implemented that is based on a suggestion or inspiration from an ayondo user. In that case, you will receive attention from us - and, of course, the feature that we technically implement.

In the case of tradable products on the Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5 or ActivTrader platforms, we have already been able to convince our partner that products that are not offered on the trading platforms can be suggested for review and activation.

Perhaps a note to traders who would like to recommend a particular tool to us or tool developers who would like to present their self-developed applications to others through our reach: Feel free to contact us and tell us what makes it unique.  

Your product proposal

Please give us a little time to check the product proposal you have submitted to ayondo for feasibility. Once the process is complete, you will receive an assessment from us as to whether the product idea can be put on the developer roadmap and, if so, how quickly. We publish concepts that have been approved for development on our website, including the status and when a rollout is possible.