Roadmap · Milestones
  • Q1/2023 | Public Stealth Beta
  • Q2/2023 | Public Beta - Softlaunch
  • Q3/2023 | Prime-Coaching
  • Q4/2023 | Trade Forencics Dashboard
  • Q4/2023 | a² (alpha square) *lite*
  • Q1/2024 | a² (WeTrade 4.0)
  • Q3/2024 | a² coin

Public Stealth Beta

The relaunch process that our development teams are working on takes place in several phases ("stages") and is based on the strategic roadmap that will guide the company's goals over the next 36 months. In order to meet the wishes of our community to allow users to participate in this process as early as possible, we have defined various milestones, which we will go into in more detail in the roadmap.
What do I need to know?

If you are visiting our website and reading this text, you are one of those who will be informed at a very early stage that new content will be publicly accessible. What you see is a preview of the relaunch of our Internet portal, which will take place in several phases at relatively short notice. Public Stealth Beta is the initial release category, which aims to give the ayondo community a first non-binding impression of what we are working on. ("Stealth") is a project synonym that expresses the fact that the public relations work usually associated with a relaunch is not the focus of the strategic course setting. ("Beta") indicates the stage of development and should be interpreted as an indication that not everything that is currently available online is already the ultimate final version.

Behind the scenes, teams are working on extensions, writing content, redesigning pages, creating new thematic areas and so on.

There are also exciting things happening technologically that we hope to delight our users with in the coming months. Even if you don't currently find everything you might expect, feel free to check back. We are sure it will be worth it.

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