Roadmap - Milestones '23/'24

  • Q1/2023 | Public Stealth Beta
  • Q2/2023 | Public Beta - Softlaunch
  • Q3/2023 | Prime Coaching
  • Q4/2023 | Trade Forumscics Dashboard
  • Q4/2023 | a² (alpha square) *lite*
  • Q1/2024 | a² (WeTrade 4.0)
  • Q3/2024 | a² coin

Public Beta 06/2023

The relaunch process, which management has been working on for about 1 1/2 years and our development teams for over twelve months now, is still on track and in full swing. As already outlined in the info on the Stealth Beta (Milestone I), the relaunch process is taking place in several stages and is based on the strategic roadmap, which links the company's goals for the next 36 months to the achievement of various milestones. In order to meet the wishes of our community to allow users to participate in this process as early as possible, we share our plans publicly and completely transparently with all interested parties, so that you can see what our employees and cooperation partners are working on at the moment.

What do I need to know?

The transition from Public Stealth Beta to Public Beta has been successfully completed. The achievement of this milestone has been accompanied by an extensive technology release that significantly expands the information and functionality of the platform and significantly upgrades it in terms of customer value. For those who would like to get a first impression of what can already be used without obligation and free of charge, we recommend a tool specially developed for this purpose - the 'Visual Sitemap'. From there you can comfortably and conveniently navigate to all subsections.

A note on our own behalf

The development work has been accompanied by extensive testing and quality assurance measures. Despite precise and careful work, we can not exclude that at the start away already everything works 100%. Therefore, we ask you in advance to bear with us if you notice a bug that slipped through the fingers of our testers. If you want, you can report bugs to us via the bug wizard on every page. Once we have analyzed the source of the bug, we will correct it.

What's next

Further milestones will follow and, as before, will focus on the needs of the trading and investment community. The transformation of the business model previously associated with the paraphrase 'social trading' will be driven forward. Our 'innovation-first' vision will be put at the service of the community and will be holistically oriented towards the wishes of the users. We are particularly proud of the great response and respect we have received from many quarters in recent months. We see the positive feedback as well as a multitude of already established partnerships as confirmation of the chosen path.

In some areas of the platform, you will notice that technical components have been expanded to include the possibilities created by artificial intelligence. Here, too, ayondo is already in a pole position and plans to expand it further.

We would be happy to welcome you as a member of the trading community. If you like our offer, please feel free to come back. Feel free to recommend us if you are convinced that the information offer, tools or offers from partners could provide helpful services to your own network of friends and acquaintances. If you would like to get more involved and actively shape further development, we would encourage you to do so. Any feedback that can improve the scope of the services offered is welcome.