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Company profiles - use of graphic elements

Supplementary information on image and trademark rights in the context of company-specific financial information

In addition to company-specific key figures, visual navigation elements such as image files or graphical representations of the share price performance of listed companies can be integrated into the information provided. In those areas where company profiles have been enhanced with additional financial information for the purpose of finding information, these are used exclusively with the aim of structuring information in order to present it clearly and unambiguously to the user. Image files such as company logos can be used to facilitate the process of finding information by making financial information contextually associable. Selected functional elements are also designed to facilitate the navigation associated with the information finding process. The user experience is improved by linking visual elements with functional processes. Embedded image files or buttons can be provided with cross-references, such as links to further sources of information or - particularly important for investors - the investor relations areas of the companies. This 360° approach offers information seekers the greatest added value and avoids media discontinuity, always with the proviso that investors find the information they are actually looking for. The basic premise is to provide information seekers with access to company-specific information through visual-functional support.

With regard to image and trademark rights, we would like to point out that the use of logos in no way implies a partnership, support or endorsement on the part of the respective companies. The logos are used for informational purposes only to facilitate the association between the financial information provided and the respective company.

We recognize the copyrights and intellectual property rights of the respective companies to their logos and trademarks. These logos are the property of their respective owners. The use of these logos on our website does not constitute copyright infringement as it is done in the context of reporting and providing specific information about the companies.

Our aim is to provide transparent and helpful information without infringing the rights of third parties. The use of visual elements is intended to create added value for the user by making it easier to grasp and assess fragments of information in an increasingly complex world.

All word and figurative marks used on this platform as well as licensed materials remain the exclusive property of their respective owners. The platform operator makes no claim to these trademarks and materials and uses them for reference purposes only. We have compiled further information for you in this area