Trade and earn with virtual money

Start your Trading Career with virtual money, and then upgrade to real money.

Risk-free start

  • Earn a remuneration from your Followers
  • Try alternative trading strategies without risk
  • Start trading with £100,000 in virtual currency
  • Upgrade to Real Money Trader status for a higher yield from your Followers

Simplified trading platform

  • Only available on our website,
  • There are no tools or indicators, nor any charting
  • As a Real Money Trader use the award-winning TradeHub® trading platform

The higher your career level, the more you earn from your Followers

  • Earn a percentage of the gross income generated by your Followers
  • You and your Followers trade on the same spread, so it’s simple and transparent
  • Become a Real Money Trader and benefit from higher commission rates while climbing the Trading Career

Real vs. Virtual Money Trader rewards:

Career Level Real Money Trader Virtual Money Trader
  Street Trader 2% 1%
  Advanced 4% 2%
  Professional 6% 3%
  Risk-adjusted 9% 4.5%
  Institutional 12% 6%