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Find Top Traders: easy to explore and choose

  • The ranking makes it easier for you to choose and is sorted by performance, amount of Followers, career and level and type of remuneration model of the Top Traders
  • Use the Trading Career to understand their experience, risk management and performance at a glance
  • See the Risk Score for additional understanding of their attitude to risk
  • Explore the detail of their trades: their strategy, the mix of their investments and even the performance of each individual trade they have made


Ranking List

Portfolio Builder

Portfolio Builder: the most intuitive way to invest

Use the Portfolio Builder to see how your investment would have performed over the past months or years. 

  • Click and drag up to 5 Top Traders into your portfolio
  • Add or remove Top Traders whenever you want

  • Easily adjust the amount of money following each trader

  • Adjust the Loss Protection or keep the default setting of 15%


My Account makes it easy to see the details

Start with as little as £2,000 or open a risk-free demo account, all within minutes

  • It’s easy to fund your account or withdraw money by credit and debit card or bank wire transfer
  • Keep an eye on your performance

  • See the trades of each Top Trader you are following

Account Overview

Social Trading at ayondo

  • Social Trading at ayondo is implemented through Spread Betting/CFDs (contracts for difference). CFDs can offer a flexible alternative to physical instruments by allowing clients to gain exposure in a variety of markets without taking ownership of the actual underlying asset. This also includes participation in the rise and fall of underlying asset prices.
  • CFDs are leveraged products that are traded on margin. This means that a margin must be deposited prior to trading. This margin deposit is typically a fraction of the total trade value. The remainder of the total trade value is financed by ayondo. Consequently, clients gain exposure to larger positions than they would in the absence of leverage.
  • Price movements in the underlying market can result in proportionately larger profits and losses due to the leverage effect. Please ensure that you understand the risks associated with CFD trading. Find out more about CFD trading, leverage, and the corresponding risks in this video.

Top Traders are rewarded for low risk and high performance

  • The Trading Career rewards experience, risk management and performance
  • Higher career levels earn more, but must demonstrate good risk management and results
  • Those in the highest career level have been trading with ayondo for at least one year
  • The Risk Score indicates their level of risk, taking into account parameters, but primarily the total size of a Top Trader’s positions relative to the account balance and the way this relationship has evolved historically. The TRS provides Followers with an indication of the associated risk (and consistency) of a Top Traders’ money management. It is not an indication of a Top Trader’s ability to make (or lose) money.


We keep the costs down

  • Low costs make your money work harder. This is why we keep the spreads* (the difference between “buy” and the “sell” price) competitive for Social Trading
  • Your account will be charged for overnight funding if you follow a Top Trader who keeps a position open overnight, but we keep these costs as low as possible.
    Click here for more information
  • We pass on 100% of net dividends for UK shares, and 85% for US shares. Click here for more information on corporate actions
  • Performance fees apply when the chosen top trader is rewarded with the performance-based compensation model. The fee of 25% applies only when an individual peak on the follower account is reached through the top trader performance. It is calculated by the top trader’s realised profit
  • Daily payable management fees of 1% per year, calculated on the capital that is allocated to the trader plus unrealised P/L, if the top trader is rewarded based on the performance-based compensation model
  • In the event that your trading account is inactive, you will be charged with an Inactivity Fee after 180 days. If your account remains inactive, the fee will recur in increments of £10 in subsequent periods of 30 calendar days (please see our T&Cs for more info on accounts held in another currency)

How Top Traders are rewarded

  • Top Traders can chose between two different compensation models
  • With the volume-based remuneration model the Top Trader receives a percentage revenue share of the spread gross income generated by the Follower. This remuneration model is suitable for traders that follow a short-term trading strategy
  • With the performance-based remuneration model the top trader receives a proportion of the performance fee of 25% based on the Follower’s individually accomplished high watermark. Hence, the fee will only be due for the Follower if an individual peak is reached on its account. The Top Trader receives an additional percentage proportion of the management fee of 1% per year. This is calculated based on the capital that is allocated to the trader plus unrealised P/L. This compensation model is suitable for traders who follow a long-term trading strategy


* Product specifications are available in the individual product groups.