Social Trading – innovative network trading

The banking landscape is changing. Social trading represents a fast-growing, interesting innovation that has fundamentally revolutionised trading in indices, currencies, commodities and even single shares. Anyone can participate quickly and inexpensively in social trading. Simply build your own network and participate in the successful trades of others.

Social Trading characterises new financial products and approaches to trading. Above all however, it stands for social trading transparency. The basic idea behind social trading is: jointly benefiting through networking from the ideas and skills of others.

ayondo: The platform for social trading

In the area of social trading ayondo provides a platform on which the trading signals from certified Top Traders are made public. These signals are made available for users for free. With ayondo everyone can participate in the expertise of others, thereby creating a win-win situation for top traders and for the customers alike. True to the spirit of social trading.

It gets really exciting for the customer however, when these trading signals are not only seen but can be automatically run on your own trading account. To do this, simply open a broker account on ayondo with ayondo markets and then connect it to your top trader. Now run all the activities of the Top Traders onto your own account. You can choose up to five top traders. And that’s how you can easily assemble your own social trading portfolio. Of course you don’t have to give everything out right. Fine tuning, in terms of a particular traded underlying or risk taking, such as Loss Protection, can be adjusted anytime.

Through high-quality trading signals and a corresponding positive track record, the signal providers are also in an excellent position to draw attention to their day trading. Through social trading on ayondo the possibility exists to generate an additional income. It can be a proportional percentage of commission from the brokers’ commission of your customers. In this way, both parties benefit from the long-term success of the other.

Become part of the social trading network on ayondo

Key issues of active engagement and innovative networking are high transparency and low fees. Social trading has arrived en mass. Regardless of whether you’re a top trader or a customer, this new way of connecting and trading leads to mutual success. Test social trading on ayondo now. Simply start trading!