Overall fees

To maximise your performance, low costs are essential. Therefore, we are constantly striving to keep the total costs, including spreads and rollover costs, as low as possible.

  • Access to our personalised customer service, in Frankfurt, Singapore and London, is free
  • No account charges or inactivity fees apply
  • Our competitive cost structure and variable margin gives you control over your finances
  • We are committed to transparency in all our costs

Swap Free Account

  • Holding a position overnight shouldn't cost you. Which is why we have a Swap Free Account
  • We will not pay or deduct any fees related to overnight margin financing interest on your account balances or commissions related to execution.



We pass on 100% of dividends for UK shares, and 85% for US shares. Find out more in the Learn section.

Rollover costs

Where futures are the reference market we only charge half of the bid offer for rollovers from one contract into the next. Therefore, the new position is only 50% of our standard spread for that market.