Tips on trading safely

What we do to keep you safe

We go out of our way to help our customers reduce their risk of any loss, such as by adding safeguards to protect you against losing more than your deposit. There is a short video here on what else we do. 

But there are things you can do too

Be aware that spread betting is not without risk. Unless you take actions to protect your investment, you are at risk of losing more than your deposit.  There are, of course, actions you can take to reduce your risk.

Use stop loss orders or free of charge guaranteed stop loss orders*

If you attach a guaranteed or non-guaranteed stop loss to your position, you will be limiting the liability of your position from the downside risk.

* Please note that Guaranteed Stop Loss does not apply for all products, including Single Equity Markets

Lower your leverage

  • Use variable margin to adjust your risk
  • You can choose a leverage between 1% and 100% depending on the product
  • A lower margin increases your risk

You can hedge with ayondo

  • Use our Force Open facility to go long and short in one market at the same time
  • This gives you the option to hedge your cash positions alongside following your trading strategies