CFD trading with ayondo means flexibility and attractive conditions

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About CFDs

CFD, short for Contract For Difference, is a derivative financial instrument enabling you to gain exposure to financial markets without physical ownership of the underlying asset. It is an agreement between you – the trader and the provider – to exchange the difference in value between the opening and the closing level of a particular contract.

It has no expiry date, meaning that you decide when you want to close out your position, at which point the difference in value will be exchanged (i.e. profits paid to you, losses deducted from your account).

CFDs are usually leveraged so only a fraction of the total value of your investment needs to be deposited in your account in order to trade and the remaining amount is financed by the provider, in this case, by ayondo. We allow clients to trade with less leverage through our variable margin offering. You choose margin from low levels to 100%.

Here are the benefits of CFD trading for you at a glance

  • Variable margin, available only with us, lets you control the leverage you use. Choose your margin from low levels to 100%
  • Attractive conditions. We are constantly striving to keep the total costs, including spreads, rollover costs* and financing costs, as low as possible
  • Notional value trading. Look at your trades or investments from the perspective of the full economic value of a trade or the maximum exposure
  • No expiry date (the exception being CFDs on futures contracts)
  • No volatility impact on the value of the instrument. The CFD price reflects the price of the underlying market
  • Flexibility. Enter and exit the position at any time you decide
  • Limited risk with our free guaranteed stop loss**. Apply stop loss orders to limit the losses in adverse market conditions; moreover, the guaranteed stops* are free of charge
  • Apart from the spread, there are no additional charges - so you can calculate your profits and losses more easily.
  • Leverage that allows you to participate in the full price movement with only a fraction of the total value of the instrument (called "margin")


For more information on the features and benefits of CFDs, please also go to the Learn section, where we have full descriptions and support.

*  Applicable to futures only
**Please note that free guaranteed stops do not apply to all products and are subject to trade size restrictions which may vary for each product.