Day trading, but with success

Find out on ayondo the best day traders who publish their track record. These traders can sell their day trading signals profitably onto the larger ayondo community. ayondo provides important Underlyings and delivers the corresponding signals of certified traders. Amongst these major indices are the DAX as well as currency pairs like EUR/USD or commodities such as Crude Oil, Gold and Silver as well as single shares.

Finally successful day trading

The majority of all day traders suffer losses on the stock markets. Only a very few day traders consistently post profits after the deducting of all costs (estimates range at approx. five percent). ayondo now provides for day trading an alternative to the proprietary business. Because: Why should you trade yourself when you can simply pick the best day traders for your own account?

Many users have long since recognised the potential of active trading strategies. But there is simply a lack the time for the conversion, i.e. continual day trading, monitoring liquidity and risk parameters. At this point you can just get the ayondo Top Traders on board and follow their trading signals automatically. So day trading is with significantly less effort involved. You can additionally even leave a portfolio of up to five traders to work by itself.

The trading career

At ayondo great value is attached to day traders quality and transparency. Therefore they can have a trading career in five stages. Each stage requires evermore stricter requirements regarding performance and risk factors. With this Day trading is subjected to strict rules regarding Money and risk management. ayondo allocates each trader a corresponding emblem sign so enable the individual selection for a portfolio. The ayondo Top Traders are subjected continual examination in light of their day trading success. If successful they advance a stage, if not they fall back to the previous stage.

ayondo offers Rankings List to easily find the most suitable day traders for yourself together with their signals. These provide a quick overview of the traders, key performance indicators, as well as their preferred underlying. So you can quickly find the traders whose signals you can use for your own day trading.

Simply choose the ayondo day traders from the Rankings List, open an account through ayondo, configure your portfolio, and already let all trades be mirrored automatically onto your own account.