Welcome to the next generation of CFD trading

With CFDs (Contracts for Difference) an investor can participate in rising and falling markets in real-time and without order fees. Around the clock, five days a week, you have real-time access to share indices, currencies, commodities and even single shares. You can simply buy or sell the desired underlying online via a CFD broker.

Bet on rising markets with CFDs

  • If you expect rates to rise in a market, you can open a buying position ("go long") in order to participate.
  • If you are wrong and the rate falls, you can limit your losses by using a StopLoss below your entry rate.

Bet on falling markets with CFDs

  • In turn, you can also speculate that markets will fall ("go short"). If the rate falls below the entry level, you realise profits.
  • With a StopLoss set above the entry level, you limit your losses as soon as the market improves and goes against you.

Leverage in CFD trading

  • The special feature of CFD trading is trading with so-called leverage. You can trade with up to 100 times your account balance.
  • You deposit a margin (your capital) of e.g. 5% of the desired volume and temporarily borrow the rest for the duration of the trade.

Nonetheless, trading with CFDs involves many risks and the majority of market participants fail in trying to achieve a positive performance. This is due on part to behavioral anomalies, people tend to act irrationally. Emotions such as fear, greed and arrogance largely dominate investment behavior. The idea of ayondo was developed based on this problem. Why should a private investor trade himself if the likelihood of 80% loss and failure? Why not access the skills of the few Top Traders directly and with CFDs execute them on your own account?

Welcome to the next generation of CFD trading