ayondo AI1st Strategy

New technologies and innovations inspire us. They are part of the ayondo DNA and one of the main pillars in the transformation of the information, knowledge, training and service offering. With the introduction of the "AI-First Strategy" at the end of 2022, ayondo is setting standards in the integration of artificial intelligence. Data pools are intelligently networked. Research & analyses can be created faster, more accurately and in a more targeted manner. The results are more accurate, the use more convenient.

Data aggregation, analysis, processing, refinement, data-forensics
DeepTech, Big Data, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence
Smart Data Networks, regression analyses, AI receptor modeling, training data for LLaMA models. AI-Intelligence
AI Master & Slave Algorithms
Process automation, data validation, integration solutions, digital agents, smart addons, stand-alone components, tools & applications, experimental prototyping (lab)
The information, knowledge & training offer for the active investor

Fintech meets AI

ai1.do - ayondo.ai - mql-gpt.io

Game changer technologies such as artificial intelligence will permanently change the way people use products and services. The opportunities presented here and the potential derived from them are virtually unlimited. New, especially disruptive, business models are emerging. Data is the new gold standard and intelligent processing, analysis and linking is the key to the future. Not being part of the technology r/evolution is not an option. The momentum of development is breathtaking and it only takes a little imagination to envision how the data-driven financial market will benefit from innovation. FinTech+AI is happening right now and goes far beyond ChatBots & Co.

ayondo invests significantly in know-how and expertise and provides a first glimpse of where the journey can go through a variety of freely available proprietary developments. We have compiled a small excerpt of possible application examples in the area of financial information for you here.

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[ This is a selection - you will find AI integrations in many other views - The range of functions is constantly being expanded ]


on demand access to specialized knowledge - neutral, easy-to-understand presentation of content
Exempting financial information and focusing on the essential content

Background Information - Disclosure Networks - Investigative Research

Fast, cost-effective help and support for software projects - Validation and refactoring to improve source code quality
Networked information - Access to company-relevant information - Worth knowing and insights