Charts, News and Tools

Real Money Traders can use TradeHub®'s extensive charting package

  • Trade directly from the charts
  • Persistent indicators, so when an instrument within a chart is changed, those indicators apply to the new instrument
  • Pattern recognition
  • Bid, offer and mid-price support for any timescale on any instrument
  • Amend the parameters for technical indicators
  • Choose from 13 different chart types
  • Choose from over 170 studies 
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Simple filters make searches fast, easy and accurate
  • Customise your chart settings
  • Real Money Traders enjoy a 24/7 newsfeed on the platform
  • Javascript- and SVG-based charts
  • Browser-based, so no need to download

Read the market mood in real-time

StockPulse provides trend signals by automatically collecting and analysing hundreds of thousands of tweets, comments and news articles about relevant financial topics every day. It's method has been tested and confirmed in numerous independent academic studies. The result is more sensitive and predictive trend alerts, which can lead to better trading decisions.

  • Real Money Traders gain the edge by tracking live market reactions
  • Big data trading: unique method, developed through extensive research
  • Customisable watchlist, dashboard and signal rules
  • Free with a live account, saving €720*

* T&Cs apply. The quoted figure of €720 is based on a subscription cost of €60 a month.

StockPulse is a pioneer in sentiment analysis. Since 2005, they have researched the mood of financial market participants on social networks.

The Buzz shows the average number of social network posts per share. 100% is average, whilst 540% indicates that the share is being talked about 5 times more than the day before.

StockPulse calculates trend signals called Pulse Picks. Various programs and algorithms compare past communications with stock price performance. If a recognised pattern is noticed, StockPulse issues a Pulse Pick.