Increase your yield by letting people follow your trades

With ayondo you have an unique opportunity to start a career as a Top Trader.

Trade your way up through five career levels.

As an ayondo Top Trader you can:

  • Earn additional income by allowing others to copy your trades
  • Use our award-winning platform TradeHub® and trade on the go with our mobile app
  • Build your track record and increase your income with the ayondo Trading Career
  • Benefit from Followers from all over the world

ayondo markets Limited is authorised and regulated by the FCA and ayondo GmbH is a tied agent of DonauCapital Investment GmbH, and is therefore regulated by the BaFin.

The ayondo Trading Career rewards a consistent performance

  • Increase your share of the rewards from Followers as your career progresses
  • Prove your performance and risk management, and rise through 5 profitable career levels
  • Higher career levels are more attractive to Followers, and more rewarding for Top Traders
  • Build your track record and get remunerated for every Follower's trade

The higher your career level, the more you earn through your Followers' trades

  • The rewards improve as your career progresses, and Real Money Traders earn more
  • Link your remuneration to a percentage revenue share of the gross income generated by your Followers
  • Higher revenue percentage for Real Money Traders
  • Available to both Real Money Traders and Virtual Money Traders
  • A transparent and simple method. Both the Top Trader and the Follower are charged the same spread at the same time


Commission % of the gross income on the spread earned on the Follower’s trade:

Top Trader Career Level Real Money Trader Virtual Money Trader 
  Street Trader 2% 1%
  Advanced 4% 2%
  Professional 6% 3%
  Risk-adjusted 9% 4.5%
  Institutional 12% 6%

The payment procedure:

  • A daily overview of your revenues will be provided in your account summary
  • A minimum invoice amount of GBP/EUR 25 is required
  • Payment is monthly, and within 10 days of acknowledgement of the invoice

More on the career levels' performance and risk management requirements

The ayondo Trading Career is designed to encourage Top Traders to have a consistent performance and risk management.

Top Trader Career Level Time Period Volume traded Maximum drawdown Whole performance Performance
  Street Trader 30 days 5 25.0% Positive 0.5%
  Advanced 60 days 5 25.0% Positive 1.0%
  Professional 90 days 10 25.0% Positive 1.5%
  Risk-adjusted 180 days 15 25.0% Positive 3.0%
  Institutional 365 days 30 25.0% Positive 6.0%
  • The conditions given in the table above need to be met in order to reach the next career level, or to remain in level 5
  • If you cannot meet the minimum performance level in the career level’s set time period, you will restart the career level, provided that you have achieved a positive level of performance. If losses have occurred during this period, you will be downgraded by a career level. In career level 5, the minimum performance has to be reached, otherwise you will be downgraded to level 4
  • If you exceed the maximum drawdown of 25%, you will fall back to the Street Trader career level, and you will not be permitted to move upwards from here

Trader Risk Score

  • In addition to the career levels, we also give each Top Trader a Risk Score based on numerous factors, including level of leverage
  • The Trader Risk Score ranges from 1 (lower risk) to 10 (higher risk). Traders are grouped into lower risk traders (scoring 1 to 4); medium risk traders (scoring 5 to 7); and higher risk traders (scoring 8 to 10)
  • The Trader Risk Score is based on numerous factors including the leverage the trader is taking as well as the maximum leverage the trader has taken in the past. This indicates if a trader could potentially be driven by emotions and act irrationally, for example by reinforcing a losing position in order to make up losses, or by putting too much risk on a personal conviction