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Portfolio name Pref.(%) Max DD Traders Last Trade Shared since No Trades Win Trades Chart Action
12.3 45.2 4 1123 54.21
Trading Career level Trader Risk Score
ayondo's 5-level Trading Career makes it easy to choose the best Top Traders for you To reach the higher levels, traders must have both a positive performance and good risk management
To attain the highest career level, traders should have been trading with ayondo for at least one year.
Use the Risk Score for additional insight into their attitude to risk
This considers various parameters, including the current leverage the trader is taking as well as the maximum leverage the trader has taken in the past. Risk Score goes from 1 (lower risk) to 10 (highest risk)
Top Traders are grouped into lower risk traders (1-4); medium risk traders (5 to 7); and higher risk traders (8 to 10). The Risk Score does not give information about whether a Top Trader will make or lose money now or in the future. Rather, it conveys information regarding the sensitivity of the Top Traders account to change in returns.